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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Overheard at The Big Hunt

Here's a collection of conversations I overheard last night while stopping by the Big Hunt in Dupont. This one I call 'The Pick-Up Line':
Random Dude: Hi!
Girl's Night Out Girl: Hey
dude: How's it going?
girl: umm... pretty good
dude: What's your name?
girl: Well I'm sarah.
dude: Great.
dude: ...
dude: Do you want to know my name?
girl: umm... sure
dude: I'm derek
girl: hey derek
girl: (brief chatter with her girlfriends)
dude: Well, are you completely enthralled by your friends overthere?
girl: Well... I am out with them, ya know
dude: (walks away)

And here's one I call "God Bless Dr. Burke"
Second Girl's Night Out Girl: Dr. Burke! (tapping me on the shoulder)
Me: Huh?
girl: Have you ever seen Grey's anatomy?
me: umm... no
girl: You look just like a character from that show, Dr. Burke
me: err ... who is this guy?
girl (looking over to her friend, sarah): Doesn't he look just like Dr. Burke from Grey's Anatomy?
other girl: Oh god, yes!
me: Uhh... wait. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
other girl (with a grin): Oh, that's a good thing
girl: Really good thing, believe me

Later that night...
Me (in front of a google image search): Damn...
Me: ...
Me: Dr. Burke is one good-looking man.
Me: ...
Me: I win.

And finally, this one is called "What's my name?"
My friend, Drunk Steve: ... so that's what I was doing in New York for the last six years.
His new friend, Drunk Girl: God, you're great Steve.
Drunk Steve: Nah, thanks.
Drunk Girl: This place is getting old, let's get out of here.
Drunk Steve: Well, umm... where do you live?
Drunk Girl: ...
Drunk Girl (with a slight grimmace): You don't know my name, do you?
Drunk Steve: What?
Drunk Girl: You don't know my name.
Drunk Steve: Of course I do. What are you talking about?
Drunk Girl: Okay, I've told you a few times tonight. What's my name?
Drunk Steve: ...
Drunk Girl: Ahem?
Drunk Steve: Alright alright. I'm kind of drunk. What's your name again?
Drunk Girl: ...
Drunk Steve: C'moooon.
Drunk Girl: Alright, It's Jane.
Drunk Steve: Jane... Of course!
Drunk Girl: Jane, Jane, Jane. You got it now?
Drunk Steve: Of course. Jane. It's stuck in my head. I can't forget it now.

(20 minutes go by)

Drunk Steve: Alright. I'm getting tired of this place. Wanna get out of here?
Drunk Girl: Wait. What's my name?
Drunk Steve: C'mon... what's the deal?
Drunk Girl: Look, I'll go anywhere with you right now, if you just tell me my name.
Drunk Steve: ...
Drunk Girl: God damnit, I knew it. (Walks out the bar)
Drunk Steve: ...
Bartender: Want another beer, man?
Drunk Steve: Nah, close out my tab. I'm headed home.


Blogger Superman's Whore said...

*wiping the tears from her eyes*...


November 26, 2005 3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eight years too late, but...

Me (in front of a google image search): Damn...
Me: ...
Me: Dr. Burke is one good-looking man.
Me: ...
Me: I win.

that doesn't look anything like you... for starters, that dude is BLACK!

let the hate flow through you.

January 04, 2006 4:24 PM  

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